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Thu, Aug. 7th, 2014, 05:14 pm

So. I may not be going back to school in the fall, but I plan to be doing pretty much three courses worth of things on my own merit. Two of them are reading courses/guides/syllabi relating to my area of interest (one on fandom, and one on serious leisure by quite reputable names in both fields) and the third... well... I plan on doing some code academy.

I'm also debating looking into some MOOCs or something of the sort, but I figure this is a nice start, especially saying as I can do each of these three on my own time, whenever I feel like it.

Also, I might be going to an unconference on fandom in September. I don't know if I'll be accepted (there's only, like, 25 spots, but I've put my name in).

Now just to put in a job application or two, and see how my work schedules me in the fall.....

(Note: yes I do have a job, but most people there who are part-timers have two, and that's seen as totally fine. So. I shall go for it!)

PS: I'm totally getting ready for applying for programs in 2015. Which is both fun and daunting and I CAN'T WAIT.